Chapter 3



With this guide complete, you now have all of the tactics and strategies necessary to build a customized and automated system of Facebook advertising for your ecommerce business.

We’ve progressed through the importance of the platform as an ecommerce business owner, the technical set-up of your account, the array of ad types, constructing sales funnels, and common pitfalls to avoid.

While I’ve used Facebook’s in house system to demonstrate much of this, should you want an easier and quicker alternative to Ads Manager or Power Editor, I suggest you have a free trial of AdEspresso. Those that have switched to our tool have found it very simple to use with some achieving up to a 43% increase on return on investment. We also have a private community where you can pose strategic questions and get feedback instantly from other AdEspresso members.

Whichever tools you decide to use and move forward with, please use this guide as your compass. Download it now, and use it as a reference point throughout your Facebook Advertising journey. With time, optimizing and running your ad campaigns will eventually become as easy and simple as brewing your Friday morning cup of coffee.

Start your journey to China today.