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A misconception

Can you imagine a population of 13 billion people right in front of you? Overwhelming right? But as of 2017, the total amount of users on Facebook, after 13 years of establishment, has finally reached 20 billion users. Unfortunately, due to the media restriction issues, Facebook forsake the social media industry in China, which is a population of 13 billion people. That’s 67% of the Facebook users.

Can you imagine the consumption level of a 13 billion population? On November 11, 2017, Taobao, which is an online, shopping platform, dealing 14.8 billion transaction and 259 billion dollars in USD. In comparison, in the same week of Black Friday in United States, transactions totaling up to 50 billion USD. This goes to show that China truly deserves the first place in worldwide GDP (PPP) ranking.

However, there is much more than that beyond these numbers, such as the competitiveness of the Chinese market. Using Uber as an example, which is the primary peer-to-peer transportation method in the States, was brought into China in 2016. But, if you take a look at the industry in China, there’s a large variety of peer-to-peer transportation, such as Didi, Dida, Caocao, Meituan, Kuaidi and much more, where Uber hardly stands a chance in competing

Therefore, do not belittle of the competitiveness and possible obstacles of the Chinese market. Go beyond the expectation for comprehensive research, market evaluations, business partners, and the productions because every decision is possibly a diverging point set up for success or failures.



1.4 Billion


A phenomenon

At the present state of the Chinese market, there’s a phenomenon where companies in China or are planning to enter the Chinese market are either deficient in adapting to the business culture or deficient in the sales department while exceling the other, owing to the business ecosystem in China. For example, it will probably take up to 15 minutes to set up an advertisement on Google for Adwords, for anyone who is at computer, at the slightest. On the other hand, posting a advertisement on Baidu, which is the largest search engine in China, you have to go through a handful of legal concerns, such as, have you filed a record for your company? is your landing page pass the qualifications? Is your business involved in any sensitive sectors like finance or cosmetic surgeries? Is your advertising agent in the same city? Is your company qualified and certified? Taking into account that many of the information is difficult to obtain prior execution, which is why it many company are lackluster, despite having a proficient sales team.

A mission

There are many possible opportunities in China, but are held back by the lack of information to take the opportunities. Taking Baidu advertisements as an example, even as the largest search engine in China, it’s already extremely difficult to find comprehensive information on the regulations, even in Chinese. Not only that, there are also a handful of misleading information in English on the web about the market, which causes missed opportunities for foreign businesses

So why not create a social platform to provide updated, professional, and accurate information as for all the brands and business that are interested in entering market of China? Thus, a group of experts in a variety of field such as, information technology, social media, trading set out on a mission and created a platform called S, sharing their unbiased professional information on their expertise in an organized manner to connect interested businesses owners, brands, entrepreneurs to the Chinese market.

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