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Unique approach to China growth

We combine China market validation and strategy with business execution and operations

We assist you in asking the appropriate questions

We collaborate with you to develop a solution that meets your objectives and budget, whether your demands are practical or systemic for the Chinese market. It is critical to begin by asking the correct questions, regardless of where you are in your path. We will assess what phase you are at and suggest the next steps, from establishing priorities to measuring results.

We let you acquire flexible methods for delivery

We provide a wide range of services, from off-the-shelf to totally customized. There are a variety of solutions to fit your budget and timetable. For personalized solutions, choose from single reports, database subscriptions, and data extracts, or tap into our network of Chinese industry experts, in-country analysts, data scientists, analytics professionals, and Chinese business legal experts.

We create and discover new opportunities.

We recognize the broader picture of the Chinese market. With that, we are able to anticipate the macro and microenvironment in China using science-based analyses, so we can provide you with ample knowledge to help you make informed decisions on the Chinese market threats and opportunities.

We plan and execute campaigns

Our data science-focused solutions employ a variety of tried-and-true research approaches. We know the Chinese market, hence we will be able to implement plans, campaigns, and recommendations that are tailored to your company's goals.



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Our dedication is your success

China's technological market is apart from anything else in the world. The most difficult problem for Contemporary organizations seeking to maintain a competitive advantage in this changing economy is determining how to be proactive when and how to execute rapid but informed judgments on changing trends that seem to appear on a periodic basis. We, a team of market experts, have developed a Chinese business and economic strategy that enables our clients and partners to not only overcome these challenges but also to push far and beyond their pursuit of long-term success.

We are partners in letting you succeed in China

We make sure our clients receive constant feedback and status reports on all of the actions, conversations, and interactions that the WHO Knows China undertakes in collaboration with your company. Unlike all the others, we do not only treat you as clients but as partners. Our main China business model and goal is to transform your company into becoming the leading expert in the Chinese market. Expert

We Offer Only The Best

We believe in the power of knowledge; therefore, our team is comprised of professionals and experts who are always ready for consultation on China-related topics, strategy, culture, market entrance possibilities, legislation, and anything else. We will also help you comprehend and deal with the intercultural gaps that exist in the West.

Our analyses are meant to take the uncertainty out of figuring out how to do business in China. Information that is difficult to get by is acquired, validated, and put in one place. However, we go further than the numbers and statistics to provide the essential framework, narrative, and dynamics that make the data relevant in the context of the Chinese business industry.

Our team of experts is always gathering fresh information that you may use to develop new technologies, goods, services, or processes that you can utilize or offer to gain a competitive advantage in the Chinese market. With growing technology and rapidly evolving markets in China, our R&D capabilities can assist your company in launching new products or improving existing ones in order to stay competitive and profitable.